Natural Pond Filters

Natural Filters

The movement of water across the roots of plants in a Natural Filter encourages increased consumption of nutrients thereby reducing the amount of nutrients available for pea soup algae to thrive. As the water enters the filter the pressure is greatly reduced allowing solids to settle out and collect on the exposed roots of the plants thereby removing sediment from the pond. Additionally, the tremendous surface area created by the roots of the plants provides a fertile area for beneficial bacteria growth providing biological filtration as well.

The Natural Filter area need only be 10% of the pond surface area. For best results, 1/4 - 1/2 of the pond's water volume should circulate through the natural filter hourly. Yellow water iris, water mint, water celery and water hyacinth have proven to be highly effective plants for use in natural filters. The 16" Sundial Island can be placed in all the natural filters.

Shown with the sundial island. **Natural filters can be buried right up to the overflow.

Natural Pond Filters

Natural Pond Filter #0 Natural Pond Filter #0 $84.13
Natural Pond Filter #1 Natural Pond Filter #1 $97.73

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