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Lily-Like Aquatic Pond Plants

Like water lilies, these aquatics are planted on the bottom and have leaves and flowers that float on or stand above the water. The blooms of lily-like plants, which are quite different from those of Water Lilies, will add beauty and interest while providing needed shade and oxygenation for your garden pond..

  • Lily-Like Plant Options:
    • Bare Root (price shown)

  • Shipping Restrictions: State - Floating Heart.
  • Lily-Like Plant Stats:
    • Hardiness Zone: See individual plant.
    • Light: Sun (full day)
    • Placement: Bottom with 6"-12" of water over top of pot.

Lily - Like Pond Plants

Hydrocleys - Venezuelan Poppy Hydrocleys - Venezuelan Poppy $8.49
Nymphoides - Floating Heart Nymphoides - Floating Heart $8.49
Nymphoides - Variegated Yellow Water Snowflake Nymphoides - Variegated Yellow Water Snowflake $8.49
Nymphoides - Water Snowflake Nymphoides - Water Snowflake $8.49

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