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Island Plants
Carnivorous Bog and Island Cover Plants

Carnivorous Bog Plants are unusual plants that trap and consume insects. These attractive plants adapt very well to the island environment, but like most island plants, do not fare well in deeper pond water.

Island Cover Plants carpet the base of the island and when joined with a strong vertical accent plant, a striking cmbination is created.

Floating Islands provide the best way to enjoy these plants.

Carnivorous Bog Plants
Carnivorous Bog Plants
Cover Plants
Cover Plants

Plants for Floating Islands

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Bacopa - Moneywort Bacopa Bacopa - Moneywort Bacopa $9.46
Cypella - Water Orchid Cypella - Water Orchid $11.83
Hydrocotyle - Crystal Confetti Hydrocotyle - Crystal Confetti $9.46
Lysimachia - Creeping Jenny Lysimachia - Creeping Jenny $9.46
Lysimachia - Golden Creeping Jenny Lysimachia - Golden Creeping Jenny $9.46
Rotala - Red Rotala Rotala - Red Rotala $9.46
Ruellia - Dwarf Blue Bells Ruellia - Dwarf Blue Bells $9.46
Sarracenia - Dana's Delight Sarracenia - Dana's Delight $14.19
Sarracenia - Judith Hindle Sarracenia - Judith Hindle $14.19
Sarracenia - Scarlet Belle Sarracenia - Scarlet Belle $14.19
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