Planting Hardy Water Lilies

Before getting into the details of planting, there are some basic yet very important facts we need to cover:

1) Do not let your plants roots completely dry out or they will die.

2) Do not place hardy lilies in water that is less than 55 degrees.

3) Hardy lilies need relatively still water (strong currents can be detrimental).

4) Never cover the crown (where the leaves emerge) with soil or gravel.

5) To thrive, Hardy Lilies need lots of sun, proper feeding and a wide container.

Getting started. Whether your hardy water lilies are destined for the pond or a container garden, this is what you will need for planting: heavy garden soil (or aquatic soil), pea gravel, aquatic plant food (we recommend Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food tablets), and a wide container. When you receive your water lilies either plant them right away or place them in pond water until you are ready to plant them.

Choosing your container. Because Hardy Water Lilies grow horizontally, they do best in wide containers. Choose a 16 inch holeless container to a 20 inch holeless container - Remember the larger the container, the larger the plant will grow. If you choose to use a pot that has drain holes, simply place a sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the pot before adding soil.

Instructions for Planting
Bare Root Tubers and 6" Lily Pods

Water Lily Tuber

Place the tuber on its side (at about a 45 degree angle) with the cut edge of the tuber close to the side of the pot - be sure to keep the crown exposed.

5) Cover with soil and top with about 1" of pea gravel. Again - Do NOT cover the crown.

Planting Hardy Lily Tubers

1) Fill the container about 1/3 full with heavy soil or aquatic planting medium.

2) Place 2 or 3 plant food tablets on the soil (spacing them evenly).

3) Add more soil so that the pot is about 2/3 - 3/4 full.

4) As we already discussed, hardy water lilies grow horizontally. For this reason you want to place the tuber close to the edge of the pot (not in the center).

Planting water lily

Water Lily 6

5) Cover with soil and top with about 1" of pea gravel - DO NOT cover the crown.

Planting Hardy Lily Pods

1) Fill the container about 2/3 full with heavy soil.

2) Make a well in the middle of the container that will accomodate the pod.

3) Remove your Lily Pod from the 6" pot and, keeping the media around the pod intact, place the pod in the container.

4) Push 2 or 3 plant food tablets deep into the surrounding soil (spacing them evenly). Be careful not to let the fertilizer touch the plant roots.

water lily crown

Placing Potted Hardy Water Lilies
in your Pond or Water Garden

Water Temperature. Before placing your water lily in the pond or container garden, make sure the water is at least 55 degrees.

Location. Water lilies need relatively still water and plenty of sun. Since strong currents can kill your water lilies, do not plant them near running streams or water falls. For optimal growth, choose an area that gets several hours of sunlight each day.

Water Depth. To place your newly potted Hardy Water Lily, gently lower the container into the pond so there is about 8"-12" of water over the pot. If the water is too deep and your pond does not have a ledge, place upside down pots or bricks under the container to raise it to the desired height.

Once the plant is established, you can lower it to depths of 18"-24" of water over the pot.

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