Feeding Your Hardy Water Lilies

Hardy Water Lilies are heavy feeders. In order to thrive, they must be fed once a month during the growing season. For best results you'll want to begin your monthly feeding regimen in the spring as soon as the first few leaves have reached the water surface.

To feed your lilies: Gently pull the container out of the water. Push 2 or 3 plant food tablets into the soil with your finger. Fill the holes with soil to keep the fertilizer from releasing into the pond. Gently return the container to the pond.

Aquatic Plant FoodWe highly recommend Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food tablets. However, you can use any type of pond plant food that works for you. If you choose to use a granular plant food, you can wrap some in a single layer of paper towel and press it down into the soil.

TIP - Happy water lilies will thrive!
If your hardy water lilies start looking puny (smaller leaves, fewer blooms) during the growing season - chances are you need to feed them. Pull them up and feed them as noted above. If they do not perk up and thrive within a couple of days, they are either lacking adequate sunlight or the container is too small.

**Only feed your hardy water lilies during the growing season**

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