Overwintering Hardy Water Lilies

After the first frost or when you notice the stems and pads turning brown, pull your hardy lily containers out of the water and trim the foliage back to about 2" over the crown.

Wintering Hardy Lilies in the Pond

If your pond will NOT freeze to the bottom you can choose to let your hardy lilies overwinter in the pond. After trimming, lower the container into the bottom of the pond. Remember you do not want the tuber to freeze, so make sure you place it below the freeze line!

In the spring (when the water is consistenly at least 55 degrees or when new growth appears) pull the container back up to the desired growing height and resume your monthly feedings.

Wintering Hardy Lilies Indoors

If your pond WILL FREEZE to the bottom, you must overwinter your hardy lilies indoors. After trimming, take the container to a cool dark place such as a basement or cold storage area. Your goal is to keep the lily as cold as possible without letting it freeze.

Keep the plant damp all winter. One way to accomplish this is by placing damp newspaper over the top of the container and around stems then loosely covering it with a garbage bag. (If your lily is not in a container, wrap the plant in the damp newspaper and place in a partially open garbage bag.)

Once a week discard the newspaper, check the plant for signs of mildew or rot and place fresh damp newspaper. Always make sure the garbage bag is loose because the plant needs air.

In the spring (or when the water is consistently at least 55 degrees), return the lily to the pond at the desired growing height and resume your monthly feedings.

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