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Getting all the plumbing and equipment for a garden pond done and tweaked just right takes a lot of work, and a job well done is certainly a major accomplishment. But while there is nothing wrong with feeling a bit proud of yourself for doing such a fine plumbing job, what you don't want to do is put your pipes and filter on display for all to see. After all, sitting around your water garden ought to feel like a trip to paradise, not to the hardware store! So here are some tips to help you hide your pipes and keep your garden pond looking tranquil.

Hiding the filter and pump for a large pond is a somewhat different situation than for a smaller pond. For large ponds, the best route to take is probably to build a sump. A sump is an in-ground housing, and a good one will keep the filter and pump both easily accessible and inconspicuous. For small and medium sized garden ponds, many people choose submersible pumps that go in the pond itself. Or, if you are planning to build a pond waterfall, you could incorporate the filter into the waterfall.

Hiding the plumbing provides an opportunity for ingenuity. To make the task easier, try to keep as much of it together in one spot as you can, and situate it towards the back of the pond. The ideal way to hide the plumbing is to bury it, but this is not always possible. When plumbing must be above ground, strategic placement of rocks and shallow water plants such as broad leaved bog plants and rushes, reeds and grasses can make a beautiful display while keeping equipment out of sight.

With a little imagination and work, you can hide your plumbing, and possibly even add some attractive features to your pond in the process. So have fun and get creative.

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