Following Cheryl's Pond Plant Order
Part 2b: Water Lilies

Water Lilies
Straight out of the wrapping.

Cheryl ordered 3 hardy water lilies and 1 tropical day blooming water lily. Below you can see how each of the water lilies (as well as her floating plant - fairy moss) fared the trip...

 Texas Dawn (Left)

This hardy water lily was ordered and shipped bare root.

It arrived in great shape with 1 full bloom and 2 buds almost ready to bloom. (You can see the full bloom at the top of the pictures above and below - I wish it was a better shot!) It only had a couple of dead leaves to remove.

See the tuber better below.
Texas Dawn Tuber (Right)

As you can see this a large tuber.

*Please note* Bare Root tuber sizes vary depending on the size of the water lily. Smaller varieties have smaller, etc.
Hardy Water Lily bare root tuber
Attraction - Hardy Water Lily - Bare Root

Attraction (Left)

This hardy water lily was ordered and shipped as bare root. It arrived looking very healthy with only a couple of dead leaves to remove.

This one didn't have any blooms or buds yet - but it will soon enough!

I'm not sure you can see, but the tuber (in and under her hand) is a really good size!

Indiana (Right)

This dwarf hardy water lily was ordered and shipped as a 6" pod. This is a photo of her preparing to plant it.

It was quite healthy and had a couple of buds already - but still - she was a little disappointed at first because she thought it looked quite scrawny compared to the other lilies.

*Please note* Smaller varieties are, well, smaller! Don't dispair. They do well - below see the photos of this water lily the very next day.
Indiana Hardy Water Lily 6
Indiana - Next Day (Right & Below)

These are photos of that same Indiana water lily the very next day (June 10, 2006).

Indiana Hardy Water Lily the next day - photo 2
Indiana Dwarf Hardy Water Lily the next day- photo 1
You can also see some of the fairy moss she ordered floating in the pond.
Panama Pacific - Tropical Water Lily, 6inch pod

Panama Pacific (Left)

This Tropical day blooming Water Lily was ordered and shipped as a 6inch pod. In this photo it is still in the pot it came in.

Like the other lilies, it arrived healthy as can be.

Cheryl was particulary amazed with the brilliant flower already in full bloom when it came out of the wrapping.

It really is quite stunning!

Quick links to the pond plants shown above:

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Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily
Fairy Moss (floating pond plant)

I really hope following this plant order from start to finish has been helpful to you - and - that you have enjoyed the awesome photos Cheryl was kind enough to share with us!

Enjoy pond plant shopping and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us!

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