Following Cheryl's Pond Plant Order
Part 2a: Shallow Water

Shallow Water Plants
Straight Out of the Packaging

Below you can see how each of the shallow water plants and the oxygenator reef fared the trip...

Lizard's Tail (Right)
I don't think this shallow water plant could have possibly arrived in any better shape!

Arrow Arum (Below)
Looking pretty good!

Arrow Arum

Chameleon Plant right out of the plastic.
Lizard Tail straight out of the packaging.

Chameleon Plant (Left)

Very colorful! There are a few mushy leaves to remove from the bottom but looking really healthy.
Royal Pickerel just out of the packaging.Royal Pickerel (Left and Below)

On this tall boy, some of the stems got broken in shipment - sometimes that happens!

Never the less, it is a very healthy plant and is showing signs of new growth - see below.

Royal Pickerel Base
Oxygenator Reef Oxygenator Reef (Left)

Okay so this isn't a shallow water plant, but I had to put this photo somewhere!

Oxygenator reefs like this Italian Vallisneria are fully rooted in fiber mat material forming a reef like module that is weighted with lead bands.

I'm not sure it shows up well in photo but Cheryl is trying to hold the Italian Vallisneria in such a way that you can see the module.

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Lizard's Tail
Arrow Arum
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Oxygenator Reef - Italian Vallisneria

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